The Financial Analyst Course (2 Hours)

Learn Financial KPIs & Metrics

Bill is a CPA & Financial Controller in the Software Industry. In this course, you will learn real-life cases of KPI and Financial Metric analysis designed for Financial Analysts

What Do You Get:

  • Video lectures 📺 showcasing real life businesses, by Bill Hanna. Previously priced at $530
  • Multiple choice questions to test your learning
  • 2 Example Businesses as a case study: A Food Manufacturer and an Online Business
  • Bonus: PDF summary of all the most commonly used KPIs, valued at $20

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For each KPI..

I will walk you through the reasoning for choosing the KPI, the formula with actual number examples, and then insights into how to present the result to managment along with action plan to improve the KPI performance when needed.

Example KPI
Gutbuddy Yogurt
Gutbuddy Yogurt

The first business we will examine is a yogurt manufacturer. We will first walk through their business objectives and financial performance.


The second business we will examine is SpaBooker, an online marketplace.

Understand the business
Understand the business

For each of the 2 business, I will walk you through the business model before we dive into their KPIs.

Thought Process

Learn The Thought Process

We will begin from the financial statements and gain an understanding of the business model


Once I walk you through the business model for each of the 2 business (Gutbuddy Yogurt & SpaBooker), we will dive into their financials.

We will use a combination of business objectives and financial results to design the KPIs.

Then we will walk through each KPI calculation and interpretation of the results.